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Entartetes Leben has been a voice of dissent since 2006, providing serious cultural criticism in the form of light entertainment. Our publications are baits waiting to be denounced as “degenerate” by modern standards, thus exposing the ever present concept of “entartete kunst” in contemporary discourse. Hence our name Entartetes Leben, which literally means “degenerate living”.

We have been down for counting several times, when losing payment providers or distributors due to campaigns by self-appointed “proud moralists”. However, we will keep publishing, even if it takes a good deal of courage and love (as in “labor of”) to reach our readers. Why? Because it’s our role – publishing important writings criticizing our current society is what we do.

And before you read any further: We do NOT accept manuscript submissions!

Breaking Boy News

Our tabloid newspaper satire was published from 2011 to 2014.

Destroyer Magazine

Our most popular title was published in 10 issues between 2006 and 2010.

Entartete Shota

Pushing the borders of fantasy, this sex manga is part of our fiction series.

Breaking Boy News.

Breaking Boy News – a bold tabloid satire

Our latest bigger project was Breaking Boy News, published in print and online between 2011 and 2014. Background, realization and reactions are described in detail in the book “Breaking Boy News: The Art Project” (pictured left above). Available on Amazon and in selected art bookshops in Europe.

Breaking Boy News was printed in a real newspaper press in Berlin. The print run was limited to 1,000 copies. The newspaper was followed by a website, a magazine, and a book about the project. Breaking Boy News is now discontinued.

Entartete Shota.

Entartete Shota – pushing the borders of fantasy

In 2012, Sweden’s foremost manga expert was on trial for possession of child pornography – namely 53 manga drawings. The case caused much debate, and Entartete Shota was our contribution. All drawings, all fiction, this uncensored boy sex comic was released on 1st April 2012, to put the spotlight on the foolishness of the legal system.

Like many of our publications, Entartete Shota became a divider. When faced with protests, Sweden’s next biggest book shop decided to take it off the shelves, whereas Sweden’s biggest book shop took the active decision to continue selling it.

Entartete Shota also made its way to the culture pages of Sweden’s newspapers, where it was defended by the culture chief of Expressen. The comics are now available at the National Library and six university libraries in Sweden.

Politics aside, Entartete Shota was our most challenging project so far, since it included contacting and negotiating with our favorite manga authors in Japan, and translating their works to English. Piracy is big in shotacon manga, so we are proud to have spread these amazing works outside Japan while at the same time paying the authors a yearly royalty. Otsukaresama deshita!

日本語で – information in Japanese


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カール アンダーソン

Shallow Tourist.

Shallow Tourist – a very sweet photo book

Our most ambitious book so far was an 80-page photo book in full color, featuring snapshots from the life of Moot, the book’s secretive author. Shallow Tourist quickly became “staff’s pick” at book shops both in Berlin and in Tokyo.

Shallow Tourist has also had the honor to be cut up by a paper artist. The book’s sturdy 140 gram wood-free paper proved to be excellent raw material.

There is a planned sequel to Shallow Tourist called Lonely Hunter. Whether it will be realized or not remains open.

Plato’s Phaedrus.

Plato’s Phaedrus – the classic dialogue in a fresh style

Phaedrus is the first (and so far only) part of a planned series of reworked classics. Benjamin Jowett’s translation has been polished and brought up-to-date to make this important work available for new generations. Available on Amazon.

The next installment will be Symposium (The Feast), Plato’s most famous work. However, when or whether this edition will be realized is still open.

Bögarnas värsta vän.

Destroyer – a cultural criticism journal with worldwide impact

Destroyer was published in ten issues between 2006 and 2010. The controversial “journal of Apollonian beauty and Dionysian sexuality” remains our most popular title. Packaged as smashing pop culture, the magazine contained critical articles in the area of sexual politics.

Destroyer caused many reactions, especially in Sweden, which are described in detail in the book “Bögarnas värsta vän” (2010). Despite a print run of only 500 copies, the book was reviewed in three of Sweden’s four national newspapers. The English translation, titled “Gay Man’s Worst Friend” (2011), made headlines in LGBT press worldwide, from Out (USA) and Gay Times (UK) to local Dutch and Belgian gay magazines. If you wonder why, read the book – because the story of Destroyer is a spectacular one. Available on Amazon and Google Books.

About us

Entartetes Leben started publishing in Prague in 2006, but moved offices to Berlin later the same year. We now publish out of North Neukölln, Berlin’s new creative heart.

Since we are Swedish, we still officially publish in Sweden. All our titles are therefore available at the National Library and at six university libraries across the country. We are also registered with the main Swedish distribution network, meaning all our titles are available (for order) in almost all book shops in Sweden.

Entartetes Leben is founded and run by Karl Andersson. A linguist by profession, he has a background as a reporter at news tabloid Aftonbladet and as an art director at men’s magazine Slitz.

Where to buy our publications

Most books are available on Amazon, in print or as Kindle versions. Some of them are available as ebooks on Google Play.

In addition, all our publications can be bought on ilovemags.com, though the payment options are currently very limited: Bank transfer (mainly for people with a European bank account) or bitcoin (everyone).


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Please note that we do NOT accept manuscript submissions!

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